Capital Projects

Capital Projects are projects that maintain or improve a Town assets, or infrastructure.


  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Major maintenance
  • Park improvements
  • Economic development area revitalization

  • Road improvements

  • Multi-year projects

Process of a Capital Project

Capital improvements are planned years in advance. Large projects can take between 3-7 years to complete.


Staff works with stakeholders to develop plans that take into account costs, maintenance, operational efficiency and impact on the community. Concepts are developed, discussed and a consensus is reached. 

Design & Funding

Plans and specifications are developed which comply with all applicable regulations and codes at the local, state, and federal levels. The Capital Projects & Field Operations Director begins applying for applicable grants and working with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for potential funding. 


Building on the final design is completed. The project is posted for bid and the Town Council awards the bid to the lowest responsible bidder contractor.

Modifications to design may be necessary due to site conditions or other unknown, underground, circumstances.


Improvement is constructed and regulatory inspections have been passed.

Construction Updates