Events on Town Property Forms and Permits

Hosting a public special event? The Town of Brownsburg accepts applications for holding events on Town property, such as a park. Applications are needed 120 days in advance of the special event date. No political events will be approved. No events that do not support the goals of the Town will be approved.

A special event is a group activity such as a performance, gathering, contest, exhibit, ceremony, parade, an athletic competition that may require additional Town resources and/or staff as well as a designated facility, space or other amenities of the Town that would be requested. Typically, this would be a large-scale event open to the public on located on town property such as a park or Town Hall. It does not include casual park use by visitors or individual rentals of park shelters, Bundy Lodge or Eaton Hall.

A detailed application process to be completed by the event organizer includes an application, questionnaire, permits, and forms such as an emergency plan and event layout.

The events committee meets once each month to review and approve or deny application requests and determine what additional information is needed.  Staff is available to answer questions and work with event organizers through the application process.

Fill out the application.

Certificate of Additional Insurance Statement

Event applicants must have adequate insurance coverage naming the Town of Brownsburg as an additional insured. The organization will sign an indemnification holding the Town harmless for incidents that may occur during the event.

Food and beverage vendors must obtain the correct vendor permit through the Hendricks County Health Department. Below is an approved vendors list. The applicant must share a copy of the selected vendors with the Town Event Planner and provide copies of the vendor permits no later than 14 business days prior to the event.

The Town of Brownsburg reserves the right to require additional Certificates of Insurance per event/vendor submitted upon review of event application.

Law Enforcement, Traffic and Crowd Control

If security is needed for the event, the event applicant is responsible for hiring and paying for off-duty police officers. All individuals who will provide security must meet with and be approved by Brownsburg Police officials to ensure compliance with BPD standards. If using a law enforcement official, officers must show proof of certification to Brownsburg Police Assistant Chief of Support Services.

Emergency Services

The use of Brownsburg Fire Territory services requires the naming of the agency as additional insured, along with both Brown Township and Lincoln Township. Please keep this in mind as you are preparing your Certificate of Additional Insurance document.

Additional Forms

All parades, block parties, 5K walks and runs, bike rides and motorcycle rides must fill out the Parade or Public Gathering Request form. In accordance with Town of Brownsburg Ordinance Chapter 95, these types of events require approval by the Chief of Police.

Any public event not taking place on Town property, such as a neighborhood block party, must fill out the above form. 

Applicants must complete the Amusement and Entertainment Permit from the Department of Homeland Security.