Public Events

Parade or Public Gathering Request Form

All parades, block parties, 5K walks and runs, bike rides, and motorcycle riders must fill out the Parade or Public Gathering Request form. In accordance with the Town of Brownsburg Ordinance Chapter 95, these types of events require approval by the Chief of Police. 

Events on Town Property

If the event is taking place on Town property, such as a park or Town Hall, the Event on Town Property form, through the Brownsburg Parks Department, will need to be filled out 120 days in advance of the special event date.

Law Enforcement, Traffic and Crowd Control

If security is needed for the event, the event applicant is responsible for hiring and paying for off-duty police officers. All individuals who will provide security must meet with and be approved by Brownsburg Police officials to ensure compliance with BPD standards. If using a law enforcement official, officers must show proof of certification to Brownsburg Police Assistant Chief of Support Services.