Executive Board of the Brownsburg Fire Territory

Through the Restated Interlocal Cooperation Agreement • September 13, 2002 ("the Interlocal"), Brown Township, Lincoln Township, and the Town of Brownsburg (the "Participating Units") entered into agreement to establish The Brownsburg Fire Territory (BFT).

Under the interlocal, the Participating Units established an Executive Board consisting of the executive of each of the Participating Units.  The individual serving on the Executive Board must either be the Executive of the Participating Unit, or the Executive may appoint a representative to the Executive Board, which appointee must be a member of the legislative body of the Participating Unit.  The terms follow each representatives term with their legislative body.

The position of Executive Board Chairman rotates on an annual calendar year basis among the representatives.

The position of Territory Secretary is appointed at the first meeting of each calendar year.

Executive Board Members

Brown Twp Trustee_A Delp JPGjpg

Angela Delp
Brown Township Trustee
Term Start: 1/1/2023
Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson
Lincoln Township Trustee
Term Start: 1/1/2023
Travis Tschaenn

Travis Tschaenn
Town of Brownsburg Representative
Term Start: 1/1/2023

Meetings, Agendas/Packets, and Minutes

Click here for 2023 meeting dates and times (rescheduled/canceled meetings are noted on the calendar entry).  Public notice is given by posted copies at the BFT Headquarters and any other location where the meeting may be held.  In addition, electronic notices are managed through our website's calendar.  Meeting video and/or audio is uploaded for later viewing.  Click here to Watch Past Meetings. The calendar meeting listing include the current month's meeting agenda and packet information posted no later than 36-hours prior to the meeting date/time (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays).  Minutes are available upon request and posted upon approval.

Full meeting packets are attached to the Calendar events.  From our Home Page, scroll down to the calendar and click the "View All Events" button.  Use the navigation arrows the mini calendar to find and click on your desired date.  Choose the More Details link and packet's PDF link is listed below the description.  FYI - each meeting discussed the prior month's business, e.g., the new year's business starts in February.

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