Budget & Finance

The authority and responsibility for the day-to-day financial management of the Brownsburg Police Department are vested in the Chief of Police, in a cooperative effort with and direction received from the Board of Police Commissioners. In accordance with Town Code 34-096, the Clerk-Treasurer "is both the Town Clerk and Town Fiscal Officer" pursuant to I.C. 36-5-6-2.

Preliminary Budget

The Department budget is developed with input from all major division heads. The Chief of Police or his designee prepares a preliminary budget that is forwarded to the Board of Police Commissioners for review and approval. The preliminary budget is then forwarded through the Clerk-Treasurer's Office to the Town Council at a time designated by the Council for submission. The Town Council has the authority to approve/deny any budget requests submitted.

Monthly Reports

The Clerk-Treasurer's Office provides monthly reports to the Chief of Police for dissemination and signature, in accordance with Town Code. The report to the Board of Police Commissioners shows the initial appropriation of each account, monthly balances, expenditures and encumbrances, and unencumbered balances.


All purchases by the Brownsburg Police Department are requested using the authorized requisition and purchase order form to be approved by the Chief of Police and processed by the Department's Purchasing Agent.

Among the main duties of the Purchasing Agent are processing daily Purchase Order Requests, processing invoices for payment, and data entry into the Town of Brownsburg's budgetary system. The Brownsburg Police Department takes fiscal responsibility seriously, therefore, the Purchasing Agent is constantly seeking competitive pricing to procure the best value for taxpayers' money. All incoming monies (grants, donations, etc.) and expenditures are closely monitored by the Purchasing Agent and reported to the Executive Staff. Meetings are held monthly with the Executive Staff to report the status of the Police Department's budget. Monthly budgetary reports are prepared for and presented to the Executive Staff and the Board of Police Commissioners. 

Petty cash funds are also maintained and audited by the Purchasing Agent with cash reimbursements being issued out of that office for authorized expenditures.


In addition to financial management responsibilities, the Purchasing Agent acts as the Department's "Quartermaster" and is responsible for issuing uniforms and equipment for uniform personnel. In addition, an accessible inventory of uniforms and equipment items are available on site for replacement purposes. The Purchasing Agent also maintains and updates the general asset inventory and the office supply inventory.

Independent Audits

Independent audits of fiscal activities are scheduled and performed by the Indiana State Board of Accounts with reports filed by the Clerk-Treasurer's Office.