Planning & Zoning

Development Service's Planning Division is committed to serving the public regarding the regulation of land use and development in accordance with Town code and applicable laws. Staff assists and provides recommendations on:

Types of Approvals

There are a variety of development approvals that must be obtained prior to any construction:


This process is used to apply a different zoning designation and the associated development standards to a property. This process can be for facilitating a particular development proposal or protecting sensitive areas. Planned Developments are specific types of rezoning petitions. Unlike "straight" zoning, Planned Developments involve more than a change of the zoning map. These proposals also include site-specific development standards that modify ones found in the UDO

The Advisory Planning Commission hears these petitions and sends a recommendation to the Town Council, which has the authority to approve or deny these requests. Once properties receive zoning approval, projects proceed to the Platting and Development Plan phases prior to development.

Development Plans

This process is for projects that already have a legal lot and appropriate zoning. A thorough and detailed examination of the project elements is required before the project is released for site construction and building permits. The Advisory Planning Commission has the authority to approve these requests.

Development Plans Process (JPG)


This process establishes a legal lot. There are two stages: primary plat and final plat. The primary plat establishes project boundaries, the overall number of lots, access points, and rights-of-way and easements. The final plat shows each lot's boundaries, roadway design, lot dimensions, and all legal information necessary to determine compliance with UDO and state regulations. Once recorded, this establishes each lot's legal boundaries and allows for building to occur.

 The Advisory Planning Commission has the authority to approve these requests. The approval process is similar to the Development Plans process.